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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle holistic therapy that stimulates the body\'s ability to heal itself. It respects the efforts that the body makes to counter disease and instead of fighting these efforts it offers support and encouragement. It does this by matching the remedy\'s effect to the actions that the body is already taking through the symptoms of the disease.

A remedy is selected that given in a material dose would cause similar symptoms to those present in the individual. This substance is highly diluted and shaken in a carefully controlled way and when administered will stimulate the body to correct the problem.

Homeopathy is system of healing that has existed in its present form for over two hundred years but which has its roots in more ancient ideas.

The invention or discovery of Homeopathy is credited to Samuel Hahnemann who was born in Germany in 1755 and died in France in 1843. He trained as a doctor but became convinced that existing practises like purging and bloodletting did more harm than good and began to look for a safer gentler alternative.

Hahnemann discovered that a well person taking quinine developed similar symptoms to those with malaria. This started a train of thought, probably due to his studies of ancient texts by Hippocrates and Paracelsus, and he began to treat patients with other substances that produced symptoms similar to their own.

To avoid toxic reactions he started to methodically dilute the remedies, finding to his amazement that the more he diluted and shook them the more effective they became.

In 1796 he presented this new method of healing as Homeopathy derived from two Greek words, omeos , meaning similar, and pathos , meaning suffering.

Homeopathy is an alternative therapy and can be used alone, but it is also a complementary therapy and can be used alongside conventional medicine where necessary.

Homeopathic remedies are made from a great range of substances, animal, vegetable and mineral. They are not toxic, do not cause side effects and are not tested on animals.