Hullbridge Homeopathic Clinic - Jenny Thornhill

About Me:
Jenny Thornhill SRN SCM LLSCH RSHom

What my intitals mean:

SRN - State Registered Nurse

SCM - State Certified Midwife

LLSCH - Licentiate of the London School of Classical Homeopathy

RSHom - Registered with The Society of Homeopaths

I trained as a nurse at the Southend and Rochford hospitals and on qualification I worked as a Staff Nurse on medical wards and the Intensive Therapy Unit. After a couple of years I undertook midwifery training at the Basildon and Thurrock hospitals and on qualification I worked as a Staff Midwife on Basildon maternity unit.

I married a marine engineer and following my marriage I often accompanied my husband on his ship to various foreign ports. The birth of our first son put an end to my travels and I settled down to life ashore as a wife and mother, enjoying a family of three boys.

I found, much to my surprise, that conventional medicine did not solve all of the health problems I now encountered with my own family. Two of my sons seemed stuck in a cycle of cold, catarrh, ear infection, antibiotics, cold, and another was plagued by migraines. I was concerned principally by the amount of medication that seemed to be needed by all of them and became determined to seek a better option.

I had always thought of alternative therapies as of little use but now I felt they warranted further investigation. I considered herbal medicine, as I had seen its effectiveness during my travels abroad, but was concerned that this was also potent medicine. Homeopathy, with its minimal doses seemed a safer option, so after a little research and the go-ahead from the GP I took my children to a homeopath.

Within three months I was amazed by the changes such dilute and gentle remedies could bring. Colds were fewer, went quicker and did not always end in ear infections and the migraines just disappeared. It was of particular interest to me that not only had the physical health of my three boys improved but, also their temperaments. They were less grumpy (not something I had thought was curable) and they became happier, healthier children.

I had previously felt under the weather much of the time, putting this down to the hard work of being a mum, but with homeopathic treatment I too felt better and had more energy. When I became pregnant again (intentionally) my homeopath\'s treatment kept me going through a stressful pregnancy and she was present at the delivery of my fourth son.

As time passed, with the encouragement of my homeopath and by reading as much as I could about homeopathy, I became a skilful prescriber for my family. The health of all of us improved beyond measure and I was increasingly asked by friends and family to prescribe for them and their children. I was uncomfortable with this, as I knew my level of competency was not sufficient, so I took the decision to enrol for a formal homeopathic training.

After a four-year training course at the London School of Classical Homeopathy I gained my licentiate (licence to practice) and a year later, after a further period of training and assessment, I was accepted on to the register of The Society of Homeopaths, the largest organisation registering homeopaths.

I established my homeopathic practice at my home in Hullbridge where my clinic times are flexible and my patients enjoy unhurried consultations in homely surroundings. I also conduct consultations at the patient\'s home, in hospital or nursing homes if this is necessary. I attend local baby clinics to inform new mothers of the benefits of homeopathy and I give homeopathic advice if requested.

If you would like to know more about homeopathy and how it can help you, please feel free to ring or email me at any time.

If I am with a patient, or you call out of clinic hours, an answer machine will be in operation.

I am happy to give general advice for minor complaints but more complex problems will require a consultation